Deluxe Instant Muff Portable Masturbator

Deluxe Instant Muff Portable Masturbator

The Deluxe Instant Muff is part of a wide range of portable masturbators designed to bring pleasure to men wherever they are.

Deluxe Instant Muffs are a great option for long trips away, a change of scene, or simply to make your routine more enjoyable. They make great discreet sex toys that work well with a huge range of lubricants, condoms and stimulating gels.

The Deluxe Instant Muff is small and concealable – providing all the fun and feeling that larger masturbation sleeves do, but in a more compact storage unit.

About the size of an average can of soft drink, the Deluxe Instant Muff is travel friendly and easy to keep clean, as the plastic lid pops back on top to secure the soft sleeve from outside contaminants between uses.

It’s easy to hide from prying eyes at the bottom of your wardrobe, or store in your suitcase when traveling without losing space for other important items.